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Latest News from Paintseal Direct

New from Paintseal Direct - Gen3 Glasscoat wins best Paint Protection Product 2012 AND 2013. Get it on your unit NOW!

Come and visit us at the NEC Caravan Show 14-19 October 2014 - Stand 1201.

Next NEC show - Camping, Caravan and Motorhome Show - 13-18 October 2015. Put it in your diary to come & see us!!


Want to keep your boat looking a million dollars?
Want to protect your investment?
The decking and surfaces above the water line are susceptible to all that the elements have to throw at them -  sun, rain, snow, airborne dirt, etc.
When you purchase a new marine craft the GRP surfaces look fantastic, as you would expect. However, over time, they can dull, and become rough to the touch. The peaks and troughs of the GRP surface start to break down, giving dirt a purchase on the surfaces, making them hard to clean, and meaning that you have to use an abrasive polish to remove them, which means that they have even MORE purchase once you've completed the cleaning.

The Paintseal Direct Teflon, or Gen-3 Glasscoat treatments provide a super smooth barrier to dirt and grime, meaning that there is less for them to attach to, and keeping your boat shining at all times.

The Paintseal exterior treatment is an ultra strong PTFE Teflon application that fills all the troughs and sits proud of the peaks. As the treatment is the same as the treatments that are applied to household non-stick pans, it means that dirt and grime has virtually nothing to attach itself to. Black streaks and marks sit on top of the Paintseal treatment, which makes them extremely easy to clean off.
Even on used boats, the Paintseal treatment ensures that no polishing is required, just a simple wash to ensure your boat looks great, and that the paint surface is protected. The treatment comes with a 5 year guarantee on new boats, and 3 years on used craft.

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Testimonials for Paintseal Direct

Fantastic! Our caravan is 3 years old and still looks brand new. Not had to wash the caravan all season - Great Great Great! Would recommend to everyone! Jo and Dave, Cheshire.

Excellent product. Put on our new van and it protects and makes cleaning easier - LOOKS LIKE NEW ALWAYS. Mr Wallbank, West Midlands.

Brilliant, so much easier to clean, especially the roof! Caravan always looks nice and new. Mr and Mrs Grimes, Bristol.

Red wine on light upholstery - No problem! 1 glassful removed and no stain. Terrific product - we will always have it applied. Service Excellent! Mr and Mrs Chan, Southampton.

This is an excellent product, beats all competitors. Well done! Mr Turner, Chester.

Fantastic product - particularly makes upholstery easy to clean. Mrs Whiteley Sheffield.

Makes cleaning the van so quick and easy. Best buy! Mr and Mrs Lambert, Sheerness.

Excellent product. Black streaks easily removed. Mr Darbiggin, Surrey.

Strongly recommended. Washing the van takes abou a third of the time. Mr Gale, Worcestershire.

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